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                  • Monday July 24,2023
                  • 10:52:33
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                    Northwestern China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region produced a total 6.66 Mt of crude steel in H1 2023, rising 3.9% YoY; pig iron output totaled 5.72 Mt, up 0.5% YoY; and finished steel productution reached 7.40 Mt, down 1.3% YoY, according to Xinjiang's iron and steel association.

                  • 09:20:16
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                    Inventory of five major steel products in China's 21 cities fell 0.5% or 50,000 t from ten day ago to 9.32 Mt in mid-Jul (Jul 11-20), according to data from China Iron and Steel Association (CISA).

                  • 08:57:51
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                    Australia's coal exports were worth A$8.325 b in May, down 41.42% YoY but up 2.10% MoM, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics.

                  • Friday July 21,2023
                  • 14:28:04
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                    Brazil's mining giant Vale produced a total 78.74 Mt of iron ore in Q2 2023, up 6.3% YoY and 17.9% QoQ, and sales edged up by 0.9% YoY and rose 38.1% QoQ to 63.33 Mt, according to the company's latest quarterly report.

                  • 12:01:22
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                    Anglo American issued Q2 2023 production report on Jul 20, in which steelmaking coal production totaled 3.4 Mt over the reporting period, up 28% from Q2 2022. The cumulative production for H1 2023 reached 6.9 Mt, up 42% from H1 2022.

                  • 11:52:16
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                    Yancoal Australia unveiled its Q2 report on Jul 19. Over the reporting period, its attributable coal production jumped 41% QoQ to 11.7 Mt, and attributable coal sales rose 44% to 8.5 Mt, while average realized coal price fell 35% to A$226/t.

                  • 11:22:56
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                    Mongolia's rail coal shipment was 728,100 t in Jun, up 34.14% YoY but down 16.95% MoM, marking the 5th straight month of decrease, and rail-carried iron ore shipment stood at 443,100 t, rising 6.03% YoY yet dropping 1.77% MoM, marking the 2nd month of decline, showed data from Mongolian statistical authority.

                  • 10:54:48
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                    China imported 7.745 Mt of coking coal in Jun, up 55.4% YoY and 15.2% MoM, and anthracite imports reached 2.11 Mt, up 56.5% YoY and 42.7% MoM, showed the latest data released by GAC.

                  • Thursday July 20,2023
                  • 17:29:58
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                    China imported 30.02 Mt of thermal coal (including non-coking bituminous coal, sub-bituminous coal and lignite) in Jun, surging 137.24% YoY, to a new high of the same month since 2012, customs data showed. This, however, was 4.35% lower than the month-ago level.

                  • 16:03:06
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                    Yankuang Energy Group produced 49.23 Mt of commercial coal during the first half of 2023, falling 2.78% YoY, and coal sales stood at 53.96 Mt, up 1.68% YoY. Of that, self-produced coal was down 5.33% YoY to 44.35 Mt, the company said in an announcement.

                  • 10:40:06
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                    Japan imported 12.97 Mt of coal in Jun, a 10.8% decrease YoY, showed the preliminary data from the Ministry of Finance on Jul 20.

                  • 10:05:49
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                    Indonesia's HBA for Jul is set at $191.60/t, up from Jun's $191.26/t, according to an ESDM's decree issued on Jul 17. Aslo, HBA I is priced at $109.27/t, down from $112.59/t, and HBA II is at $75.20/t, compared with $78.35/t for Jun.

                  • 10:05:36
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                    China's installed power capacity reached 2.71 TW by end-Jun, a 10.8% rise YoY. Of that, wind installed capacity was 389.21 GW, up 13.7% YoY, and solar capacity rose 39.8% to 470.67 GW, showed data from NEA on Jul 19.

                  • 09:23:06
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                    The Baltic Dry Index dropped for four consecutive trading days on Jul 19, as the Supramax and Panamax Index declined. The BDI fell 33 points or 3.2% to 1,004 points.

                  • Wednesday July 19,2023
                  • 17:26:43
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                    Brisbane port in Queensland, Australia exported 170,200 t of coal in Jun, down 15.66% or 31,600 t YoY and 24.12% or 54,100 t MoM, which made the total exports to 957,600 t in H1 2023, falling 10.42% YoY, according to data released by the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd.

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